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This is a, very partial, list of books about both the future of humanity and science, particularly pop science, that you might enjoy reading. Every book found here comes from my personal library and is reviewed based on a (yes, full!) reading. So if you read these reviews, you may be able to avoid some duds, and, with a bit of luck, find what is really worth reading for the person with an interest in science or the future. If you are interested in buying a book, please click the link to or below the review - they are likely to offer the best available price.

The Third Chimpanzee: The Evolution and Future of the Human Animal
Jared Diamond

This is a superb and compulsively readable book, and should be of interest to anyone. It begins with a journey through the evolution of the human animal, then moves onto a consideration of what it has become. Everything you ever wanted to know about this is covered, as well as a few things you probably didn't: for instance, the chapter on the size of human genitalia concludes with the priceless line: "Thus, astonishing as it seems, important functions of the human penis remain obscure. here is a rich field for research."

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Sharing the Universe: Perspectives on Extraterrestrial Life
Seth Shostak

Aliens: they're a perennially fascinating topic that everyone wants to read about, but (so?) they lead themselves to schlocky, conspiracy theory treatment. Seth Shostak's books is an admirable alternative to all this; an astronomer who works for the SETI institute explaining the science behind Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. This is a very well-written book, with entertaining anecdotes and a lively style, but it provides a serious look behind the chances of their being life on other planets, what kind of life it might be, and how we might go about finding it. I highly recommend this enjoyable book.

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