Essays on Science and the Future

The world is a fast-developing place; human societies are changing, driven by the rapid development of science and technology as much as anything else. The question of what we can expect is interesting in its own right; everyone wants to know what's around the corner. Included here are some attempts to predict what may be coming - a hard task, but a potentially illuminating one.

Science, of course, is important not just because it yields new technology, because it gives us a better understanding of our world. A site like Big Issue Ground isn't the appropriate place for hard or overly technical science, though; here you'll find 'popular science' - intelligible accounts of discoveries of general interest.


The Environment
Biotechnology and Genetics
Evolution and Creationism

General Science
General Futurology
Space Exploration


Books on History

See my library of popular science and futurology books, with each book described and reviewed...

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