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This is a, very partial, list of books about politics and political issues like crime and race that you might enjoy reading. Every book found here comes from my personal library and is reviewed based on a (yes, full!) reading. So if you read these reviews, you may be able to avoid some duds, and, with a bit of luck, find what is really worth reading for the person with an interest in politics. If you are interested in buying a book, please click the link to or below the review - they are likely to offer the best available price.

The World Today
Edited by Barry Turner

I don't know about you, but I find comparative factbooks fascinating, be they on countries or histories or religions.If you can say the same thing of yourself, then this is the factbook to get. It has pages and pages of well-researched information on every country in the world, from the economic, politic and social 'vital statistics' you would expect, to brief historical and cultural accounts.

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Europe In The New Century: Visions of an Emerging Superpower

I've been a (skeptical) believer in the 'European cause' of constructive internationalism and overcoming of our national differences for a long time. And this book unapologetically takes the same view. It contains essays by many people at the front of the new Europe, such as the Chris Patten, Commissioner for Foreign Affairs, and looks at the past and present of the European Union, as well as presenting "visions" of what Europe could become from young Europeans and leading politicians and businessmen.

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The European Union: A Very Short Introduction
John Pinder

Part of the OUP 'Very Short Introductions' series, this gives an excellent 'beginner's account' of how the European Union came about and the history behind it. As any introduction to the EU must, he also considers the debate about it's future. His own conclusions are federalist, but I'd say he presents alternative arguments fairly and comprehensively.

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Democracy In Europe
Larry Siedentop

The European Union in the 21st century is in a similar position to the United States of the 18th century: a new polity which must decided what's its role and form is to be. Larry Siedentop's book is a discussion of what kind of European Union we want, and also a personal plea for a solution to the famous "democratic deficit." This is a highly praised and original book.

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