Essays on Philosophy

If one subject can claim to consider the big issues, it's philosophy. Philosophy seeks an understanding of the fundamental features of our world, and of our place in it. It also happens to be my own subject, accounting for its prominent position in Big Issue Ground.

The sub-topics I have listed below may be unfamiliar if you have not studied philosophy before. Epistemology examines our ability to discover the truth, a question which leads naturally to consideration of the nature of that truth. Accordingly, some of what might be considered metaphysics or philosophy of language is found under this heading - debates about anti-realism and the world's nature, for instance. Philosophy of Mind sees us turning inwards in an attempt to achieve self-understanding: are we just deterministic physical mechanisms, or something more? Ethics needs no definition, but as well as considering which general system we should follow, and what we should make of issues like abortion, philosophers examine meta-ethics: the question of what status our conclusions will have. Are they objective, or only projections of our personal hopes and fears?

In addition to contemporary contributions to such topics, I have included some of the classic works in the philosophical canon. These can help illuminate many different questions, but rather than class them with my own essays I thought it more fitting to give them a section of their own.


Abortion and Euthanasia

Philosophy of Mind
Classics of Philosophy
Ethical Systems

Meaning and Truth


Books on Philosophy

See my library of philosophy books - each book is briefly described and reviewed. Philosophy of religion is found in the Atheist Ground book page.

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