Big Issue Ground is undergoing an extensive redesign. As one of the site's visitors, you can help improve the browsing experience of the other half million or so by going through the options below. Alternatively, you could explore the site, and then send me some feedback about what you think you could be improved. There may be visual glitches on some browsers - for instance, the drop-down menus at the top should look like this. (Of course, if you find stuff to like among the mass of problems, I'd like to hear about that too; compliments are always welcome in the guestbook.) All help will receive the thanks it deserves! If you don't have time to send any feedback - or help in some of the other ways detailed on this page - you may still be interested in the history of the redesign as detailed below...

-- Thomas Ash, webmaster

Help redesign the site's graphics...

Many of the graphics currently on Big Issue Ground are a legacy of the old design. Unfortunately, I have very little artistic skill; if you do, you could help me out greatly by submitting redesigned versions of graphics. For instance, you could create appealing new logos which would enhance everyone's viewing experience. In particular, the main logo needs to be redesigned to take into account the site's new feel in the same way that the Atheist Ground logo does. Some people feel that the lettering on both logos should be altered to reflect the new colour scheme - if you can figure out a way of doing this, that'd be great. Whatever graphic you try your hand at altering, bear the light blue (#B5D6FF)/dark blue (#3366CC) scheme in mind - though of course not every picture on the site needs to use these colours.

Here are the graphics that could use a redesign...

Big Issue Ground logo

Atheist Ground logo

This has already been partly redesigned
(though the text is a throwback, and uses
old colours. If you submit a new design, it'd
be great if you could also include a different
version in case this section of the site
is renamed 'Religious Ground'.

Graphics for navigating essay sections

Feel free to try totally different motifs
besides the book I use at the moment...

Atheism and Religion
Science and the Future



The poll below ran in 2005. It is now closed.

Q: Is the new design an improvement over the old one? (see below)

A:  Yes - 100%  


The history of the redesign...

For a tour of the site, with images of the old design placed above those of the new design, click here. (Since these images were created, I've tweaked one small feature - the blue bar headers like those you see above now have the text centred in them, rather than left aligned.)



First and foremost, Chris Johnson deserves my deepest thanks for his help with CSS and PHP, as well as the site's general design philosophy.

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