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Where do I send feedback?

Feedback on the website is always welcome, unless it's a flame (translation: just a set of insults randomly strung together). Feedback on the essays of individual authors, however, should go directly to them, and most supply an e-mail address at the very bottom of the essay (sometimes, their name is a link...)

With those provisos in mind, please sign (and view) the guestbook. All feedback which requires a prompt reply from me (Thomas Ash, the webmaster) should be sent from the Feedback page (you can also, if you wish, put it up on the guestbook if you think it's guestbook material - I do try to reply to guestbook entries which could use a response from time to time).

PS: I you spot a spelling mistake or broken link (a few do find their way in), please be kind and tell me about it.

Why should I - and how do I - submit an essay?

Most of the essays on Big Issue Ground come from people who have either submitted their own essays or been asked by me whether they'd like to have theirs included. Big Issue Ground is made up of essays by all sorts of people, on all sorts of topics. Lots are already up on other sites on the web - don't let that put you off from submitting your own piece of writing. It's good to have your article up on Big Issue Ground, because that way the site's half million or so get a chance to see your work. If you've already put it on the web, this was presumably so people could read it - see Big Issue Ground as a way of furthering that goal. Also, I can always provide a link back to your own site if you have one, thus getting you a lot more web traffic.

So, follow the link if you want to submit an essay. You'll find what types of articles I do and don't accept detailed there. Needless to say, you keep full copyright of your work, and I can always take it down if you tell me to.

How many visitors do you get?

Last time I checked, the average number of unique visits a day was in the region of 400. The total number of unique visits I've had is currently:

visits so far...

Are there any shortcuts for browsing 'Big Issue Ground'?

Yes - be sure to use the dropdown menus which appear when you move your mouse over the different subjects listed in the top menu bar (provided you have JavaScript enabled). If you want to return to the Big Issue Ground or Atheist Ground home page, just click on the logo.

Who created this site?

Me. (If you want to know a bit more than that, visit 'About Thomas Ash'.)

Can I help?

Pleasingly enough, this is - relatively speaking - a 'Frequently Asked Question'. I make a small amount of money (which really does go towards maintaining the site, rather than lining my pockets) from each sale at or which is made following these links, or those on my books pages (found at the bottom of the dropdown menus which appear when you move your cursor over the category listings on the menu bar at the top of this page). If you right click on the links in this paragraph (or control-click if you're using a Mac), you can set them as favourites to use each time you shop at Amazon. There's no cost or hassle to yourself!

If you like the site enough to spread the word, I'd be very grateful. You can do this by linking to the home page, or any essay that proves relevant in your circumstances, or (if you are particularly taken with the Atheist Ground subsite) by downloading the image below to use on your website as a link:

Didn't this site used to be called 'Blue Fish'?

Yes - and in case you're wondering why, there is no particular reason. (There was a logo of a rather angry looking blue fish to go with the name. Oh, and by the way the site also used to be called BNet. There was a reason for that, but it's a long story...)


First and foremost, all of the contributors - if it weren't for the time and effort they've put in, this site would only have my opinions on it, which would be a shame. I also owe a great debt of gratitude to Chris Johnson for his advice on the latest web technologies. Last but not least, this site was...

Legal information

The Big Issue Ground logo (see it here), is a trademark of Thomas Ash. Pages where copyright or authorship is not specifically acknowledged are copyright 2002 Thomas Ash, all rights reserved. All other pages are copyright their respective authors, all rights reserved, unless they are documents on which copyrights have expired because of age, etc, or which were never subject to copyright. I (Thomas Ash) do not necessarily endorse any of the opinions expressed on this site, except for my own. No information from this site may be reproduced, sorted in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission of the copyright holder. I do not take any responsibility for any harm which may result from using this website (whatever that could be...). I do not vouch for the authenticity of anything on this website, beyond the extent required by law, although I have not knowingly published any inaccurate information.

Further legal information is available in the aptly named 'Legal Stuff'.